Custom applications

During the development process we use selected patterns of agile development. According to the project scale we plan several milestones. Each milestone means a certain part of solution is presented to the customer to ensure we are moving the right direction, discuss the remaining issues and make a small amendments, if necessary. The goal is to reveal any imperfections in the specification and therefore avoid project delay or additional costs. 

Lotus Notes applications

The most common job is a development of back-office application designed for Lotus Notes (HCL Notes) client. We have a strong background in this field - more than 15 years experience and dozens of successful implementations. And our clients may hugely benefit from that extensive knowledge.

Web applications

Web applications (run in internet browser) are very popular these days. The HCL Domino platform can of course support and provide such applications. The benefits are obvious - users are familiar with internet browser (no need to learn HCL Client), no need to install and maintaine HCL Clients for IT staff, applications could be accessible from mobile devices and might be easily integrated to intranet portals and/or other solutions.

Agile development

Even in the early stages of development we present the suitable parts of application (mainly user interface) to the customer to ensure the smooth proceeding of the process. To make this possible we use Atlassian Jira system for change requirements management. The customer is not only able to overview all issues on-line but also actively participate in the solution.

Company Contact

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